Sunday, 5 April 2015

Threading The Machine

As shown in my last post, my heirloom Singer 28k was still threaded when I got it. This weekend's main project (after I'd bought new Singer needles online this morning) was to observe where the thread went and how it all linked up, and then try to re-thread it myself.

Of course, when I set the machine down to photograph the set-up, I managed to move the thread and it fell out of the needle and the guide. So, re-threading a little earlier than planned!

I read the manual online (more on that hopefully in a later post) a few times this week, so it only took two goes to get it back to the original state, so I could get this photo:
It's not very obvious where everything goes with the white thread in, though, and I know my first project will involve my favourite colour; purple. So, once I'd got the hang of it and got the pictures, I re-did the set-up with my purple thread.
Much better. You should be able to see the thread more clearly on this one, following the guides and going down to the needle. It seems to be working still and didn't take me too long to set up, about a minute or two. Now, just to work out how to actually sew with it. Back to the manual! :)