Saturday, 25 April 2015

Sewing Plans and Birthday

The proper Singer sewing needles arrived last week; they look brilliant (thank you eBay) and I plan to fit one onto the machine today. I was surprised that the needles with my machine weren't Singer ones, but then it would have been a lot harder to find proper needles when this machine was last used.

Also this week, it has been my birthday! This is the crafting section of my presents, I got lots of gorgeous fabric and buttons and bias binding and embellishments and a folder for my patterns and projects, and even a mug with 'sew a little happiness' on it. I am even more excited to get sewing now!
I have my first three projects planned and ready, now I have all my supplies, so this weekend is sewing weekend. Hopefully I'll be posting about my first creations here later on; if not you'll be reading about what I learnt from going wrong, but either way I'll give it a go. :)