Thursday, 31 December 2015

December Crafting

Hello! Last day of the month, must be recap time again. :) Still no house, but even better than the house - we got engaged on Christmas Eve! Best Christmas present ever.

Most of the things I made in December were related to Christmas, and as it turned out, involved no sewing again. One of my aims for 2016 (keeping in mind that we might well get married this coming year, and I hope to make things for our wedding) is to sit at my sewing machine and sew something every week, even if it's just a line of stitching.

I did make things in December though. First, of course, were my Christmas cards. Every year I underestimate how hard this is, and this year was no exception, after I broke the snowflake hole-punch from over-use, ran out of snowflakes before the end, and one card was even lost in the post! But I'm really happy with how they turned out, and I made two slightly different colours this year.

Ironically, the one on the left is the one that got lost in the post, so at least I have photographic evidence that I made it?

Next up is a present for my best friend. This is a bookmark, as she'd asked for loads of books for Christmas. I added the chain and the beads to it. The beads represent her three favourite film/theatre characters, Maleficent, Elphaba, and Elsa. I made the Elsa section Frozen Fever, because that green was too perfect to miss!

And finally, two bracelets that I made for myself. I'm slowly trying to make jewellery in all of my favourite colours (still finalising my colour palette), so I made a lapis lazuli one for my blue outfits, and the purple bracelet to go with my burgundy Christmas dress.

I also made earrings to go with the purple bracelet, but didn't get a picture of those.

So, 2016. I'm slowly making a To Do list for the year, but it's such an important year for us with the new house and possibly our wedding that I don't want to commit myself to too much. One thing is for sure though, I have a lot of sewing planned for January! There is going to be a baby shower for my friend in early February, so I will share my January sewing a bit later, as most of it will be a surprise for her.

Happy New Year everyone! xx