Wednesday, 4 November 2015

October Crafting Summary

We're in the very slow process of buying a house, so things are a bit chaotic, but it turned out that I did make a lot of things in October. For the time being it's easiest for me to summarise what I've made each month. So here is what I made last month:

The Delphine skirt is getting there, and since this photo was taken I've also attached the waistband to it (sorry for the quality of the set up, I might update this with a better picture later):
My next task will be inserting the invisible procrastination skills are in full force, so while I'm finding reasons not to do the hard bit just yet, that doesn't mean I've stopped creating. :)

This is the perfect time of year for making things. I love Autumn, I love Halloween, and I have lots of events and people's birthdays and all sorts happening at the moment.

- First, I went to a workshop at my local bead shop and was taught how to wrap wire, and make loops. I really enjoyed making these, and it's a really calming process, time just flies by.
Two pairs of earrings and three bracelets (one was for my friend for her birthday), not bad for two sessions of work.

- Next up was some more jewellery, but in a specific style. I am a member of the local Steampunk Society, which I'm sure I've mentioned before, and I wanted to make something for one of the meetings. This started out as a bracelet but looked too heavy on my wrist, so after some tweaking and thinking, it turned into this necklace.
I'm so pleased with how it turned out, and lots of people asked about it on the night. That's the first time that's happened and it was such a great feeling.

- Now we're on to Halloween, and I had my first commission! :D
This is a cape I made for my boyfriend's sister out of a sheet. This was my first attempt at making a channel for elastic and I winged it and made it up, as I was away from home and borrowing a sewing kit! I also forgot to take a picture of the full cape, clever me, but you get the idea.
Again I'm really pleased with how it turned out, and it was really theraputic to sew. I still need to work on the neatness of my hand sewing, so this was great practice.
Bonus points for purple, of course. :)

And finally, my favourite. I was dressed as Mrs Lovett for Halloween, and I wanted to make a choker to finish off the outfit. I went shopping for some red blood-like drops, and bought so many that I ended up making earrings too, as you do.
My favourite thing about these is that every single component is from a local independent shop or market stall. This jewellery is 100% Nottingham!

November includes a good couple of events to make things for, including 'Steampunks In Space' at the end of the month, which I am hoping to make foam armour and a plastic jetpack for. I do talk myself into these things...