Wednesday, 24 June 2015

The Start of the Big Clean

Did you ever do something you were really proud of, then learn something new and look back on it with new eyes?
I was so pleased with my last post, and there's no way I'll be editing it. However, one thing has come to light that has made me look again at my pictures. The dust and oil!

Having got the thread I needed (amazingly, I ran out of purple), I was trying to sew my current project last week, but was having tension problems with the Singer. No matter how much I turned the screw, the tension on the top thread was far too tight. I battled with it for a bit, then did as I've been told by a lot of people; walked away and had a cup of tea, and then went to youtube.

And it turns out that the tension problems were most definitely due to the poor old machine needing a good clean. I'm aiming to clean it in stages and take my time to do it properly, so I've only looked at the tension discs so far, but they needed looking at the most. It's no wonder the machine was struggling, the tension spring had got stuck to the metal plate! It looks like the oil used on it last time had just stuck them together, so the tension was essentially stuck, too. Nothing a few cotton buds couldn't sort out, but I need some metal polish to finish the job properly.

Once I'd started learning, I was amazed by how much of the machine can be cleaned, and suddenly saw my machine in a new light. I also realised how much of it can be removed and then reassembled once it's clean. There was me viewing it as a solid mass that shouldn't be tampered with. The more I learn about this machine, the more I'm humbled by how amazingly well made it is. So the plan now is to clean it in stages, taking pictures where I can, then (or possibly simultaneously) finish making my garden apron, which I will also post pictures of as soon as it's done. At the minute, it looks like two fat quarters and a pinned-on piece of bias binding.

But I do have something to share today. We went on holiday to Weymouth last week and went into the Brewers Quay Emporium. There was so much lovely stuff in there, and I bought the most amazing selection of buttons I've ever seen. Aren't they gorgeous?
It's purchases like these that make me want to get sewing, so I can make something to attach them to! :D I have plans, and I'm really excited to get learning and sewing.